About the Author

I am first and foremost blessed to be called a child of God, and a servant of Jesus Christ who is my KING! Since first believing in Him as a young boy and surrendering to Him in faith, I have struggled to serve Him and honor His name, failing miserably more than once. It is my desire to finally bring glory to God by exalting Jesus Christ and sharing His Message of Hope to all who will hear it as long as He gives me opportunity.


I am a blessed husband to my soulmate and partner in ministry, Christy Atkins McCosh, given also by God’s grace and whom I love second only to Him. She is the daughter of a pastor, the grand-daughter of a pastor, the great grand-daughter of a pastor, the niece of pastors, the sister of a pastor, and the cousin of preachers. She knows about ministry.

McCosh (21 of 23)

God has blessed me with five children whom I love dearly and enjoy immensely; Ivy, Sophie, Levi, Koby, and Josiah.


God has also blessed me with the opportunity to preach and teach of the greatness of His riches as a pastor, church planter, and mentor of men. I have a passion for exalting The name of Jesus & building God’s Kingdom by leading His church to fulfill the Great Commission–taking the Gospel to all the people groups in every corner of the earth–and for expository preaching and teaching of God’s Word until all hear and have the opportunity to respond!

McCosh (23 of 23)

I love reading your comments and interacting with others through this blog, social media and other means of communication, so please feel free to share your thoughts or questions.

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  1. Brenda Brown says:

    I just found this and it is great!!!!


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