Bringing the Family Home

It’s been a while since we have shared publicly on this blog about the latest events in our lives, and in part the lack of sharing has been intentional. As we shared in our last post, within a few days after returning from the adoption of Koby and Si in the Ghana courts our lives were put in somewhat of a tail spin. Our worst fears were that the completion of the adoption and the approval from the USCIS to bring our new sons home would be delayed, or worse. So doing whatever we needed to do to get them home became our primary focus.

Praise the Lord, though the holidays and the first of the year was rough, we finally were able to get approval and got their passports and visas. So Christy and I traveled to Accra in February, and after spending a few days with the boys near the orphanage and getting the opportunity to preach again in the church, we left with Koby and Si in our arms and arrived home with our boys on February 26. I’m sure Christy will have more exciting news to share on her blog about this trip soon.

Since arriving home, Koby and Si have fit right in with our family. We were concerned most with how they might relate to Levi and how Levi might react to them, but we couldn’t have asked for any smoother transition. They have a soft disposition toward Levi, and they are both affectionate toward him, especially Si.

One major difference of course is that there is much more hyperactivity in our house, and for some reason children’s shows appear much more frequently on the television, and the decibel levels have risen considerably, but it is a joy to be a family of 7 now, and we are blessed to have added James Koby and Josiah Gerrad to the McCosh Clan! Ivy and Sophie are a huge help with the boys, and the boys love them too!

Not only have we brought the family home by bringing Koby and Si to the USA, but we are excited to announce more news. We have been praying and seeking a new direction for ministry, and are thrilled to finally realize that God is leading us back home to Exalt Jesus and Build His Kingdom in Sweetwater, Tennessee. We will be making the move in the next few weeks. So all our homies should be watching for us. We can’t wait to reconnect with family and friends as we re-settle back into life in our hometown.

Stay tuned, and in my next post, we’ll let you know more about what God has in store for us as we bring the family home!Image

As always, we love reading your comments and interacting with those who are interested in our lives, so please feel free to share your thoughts or questions with us on this blog, facebook, twitter, google+, or any other way you prefer.

About Derek McCosh

I am a fortunate recipient of the Grace of God, a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, a father, a pastor, and a church planter. I am passionate about glorifying God through evangelism, missions, expository preaching, teaching and mentoring. I am a husband to the most gorgeous woman alive, who loves Jesus and serves as a rock for me. I am a father of two beautiful daughters, a loving special needs son, and of two active Ghanian sons. I blog about whatever I feel led to share to encourage others to follow Jesus and live out their faith for His glory!
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4 Responses to Bringing the Family Home

  1. Missy Billings says:

    Derek, I have missed you and Christy and the kids. I pray that the move goes well and I have been praying for you and your family. I now Gods will in your life is the most important thing to you and Christy. Gods Blessing on you and yours.


    • Derek McCosh says:

      Missy, Thank you so much for your love and your prayers. We have missed seeing you all too. Please stop by the house before we leave (4/22). We’d love to see you, and know that regardless of where we are, you guys are always welcome at our house. Please, give all your family our love.


  2. Gail Margeson says:

    So glad to hear you have a new home at Sweetwater. Hope your family prospers and the boys love the area. Was there once and love it. Went to the underground cave and it was beautiful. Keep in touch Pastor Derek and Christy We love you and appreciate all you did for us while you were here. You taught us so much and I still reread the book RADICAL. It has changed me forever in my thinking. Gail Margeson


    • Derek McCosh says:

      Gail, we will definitely be available for you all, and our home is always open for a visit. I pray God continues to bless your life as you pursue to fulfill His calling to exalt Jesus! We love you all.


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