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What’s Wrong with My Church?

At some point, in a struggling church, someone who cares will ask the question, “What’s wrong with my church?” For the church to revive and thrive, this question must be asked, answered, and responded to with faith, repentance, and commitment! … Continue reading

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Why I Preach Expository Sermons

At a time when “feel good” preaching may be at an all-time high, I remain deeply committed to leading my people by preaching messages that come out of the text of Holy Scripture. By “feel good” I don’t mean to … Continue reading

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A New Start at Home

When I returned to college to prepare for ministry, one of my first classes at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College was a church planting class taught by Dr. Tim Searcy. It was a class I took for convenience, just to … Continue reading

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Bringing the Family Home

It’s been a while since we have shared publicly on this blog about the latest events in our lives, and in part the lack of sharing has been intentional. As we shared in our last post, within a few days … Continue reading

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